Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Alice was running.
It all started in the forest. With the Red Queen. Who said," If you want to stay in place, run as fast as you can. If you want to get anywhere at all in this place, run twice as fast." Or something like that.

So here she was. Running.

Out of breath and out of hope. At least the landscape was still following her. All kinds of creatures running as hard as she was. But they didn't seem to be getting anywhere.

So she stopped.

And the landscape with all its running entities zipped by her.

She was alone in the dark. She heard heavy labored breathing, but that was most likely just her. And after a while even that, too, was gone.

She stood in the deep dark silence for a while.

Then she began to walk.

Friday, March 7, 2008

I love the man

it's not the cool way he wears his shades
or his long hair pulled back in a ponytail
it's not the smooth way that he sings
which make ladies swoon and falter

i'm in love with the man
i love the way he holds my hand
the shivers i get when we kiss
but the most that i miss
is the way he looks at me

it's not the way that he speaks
sassy and sweet like tamarind candy
it's not just all the little things put together
but ALL of them and MORE

i'm in love with the man
he's all that i'm looking for
i love him

i love you Brian

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Terrible Things

the terrible things we do to each other
are the measure of the depths of our fears
the creatures from the blackness of our nightmares
come out from the cracks in our selves
and devour the good, the whole, and the holy

and only the love that binds
with much concentration and effort
holds the bonds in place
the tears we cry pour in the cracks
fill it in and cover it up

so we shouldn't condemn
the hurtful things that happen to us
for they bring out the love
that lay hidden underneath the layers
of everyday familiarity and contempt

the terrible things we do to each other
are the measure of the depths of our fears
and the heights of our passions
and remind us of the reason why we are here

Thursday, January 17, 2008

To the other woman

i am sorry if i am mean.

but put yourself in my shoes.

i don't hate you.
but i can never like you because the only love of my life has the stupidity to call a friend like you his other woman.

and the sweet intimate conversations you had remain burned in my head and weigh heavy in my heart.

would you like it of your boyfriend called another girl "baby" and dedicates songs to her?

then tells you to your face that they are just "friends?"

he is my husband, this guy you are flirting with. i married him because i trusted him. you may not be having sex with him, but i am not a man, i am a woman. and sharing his inner heart with you inflicts more pain that having caught you sharing his bed. (ours, actually, but that is an even worse train of thought)

because now he trusts you more than he trusts me.

this is not a break that is easily mended with crazyglue.

i hope he is happy with you. because he seems to have chosen you over me.

and i also hope that you are happy with him.

One of us ought to be happy ...

because i sure as hell am not!


you let everyone know how mean i am to you. that i look down on you as an errand boy or some such low menial person. even when i thought all that time it was a Private conversation between the two of us.

but you know what? we are having this problem and my sister and my mom DON"T EVEN KNOW. No One knows. why should i tell them? so i can feel i am right by their approbations? so they will support me in my righteous defense of my faults?

i don't need them to tell me what to do with my husband. i married you by my own choice and no one else can interfere.

i have friends, but even they don't know what's going on with us right now.

you are special to me. private because you are valuable.

yet you share yourself to another. and you let others know that you share yourself with another. and have the gall to tell me that i have NO RIGHT to interfere between you and her. she tells you what to do with me and i cannot do a thing about her. and so you put her above me.

you defend this right by pointing out all my wrongdoings that hurt your feelings and your pride, the callow way treat you by sending you sustenance then telling you how to budget it, leaving you with the kids then telling you how to raise them, complaining about this and that, about how you neglect the house and the children. what, did i think your position was easy? it's so difficult to do all that i've asked of you. so difficult in fact that you are able to find time to sing for 6 hours straight online for her. that's how hard i've made life for you.

so now you run to this woman... and it's all MY FAULT.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


i listen to you sing.
i see her comments.

i don't know if i can ever listen to you in the same way again.

nor believe the words you say in the same unquestioning way.

because i will always wonder if you are singing for her when you say you are singing for me.

or if you are thinking of her when you say a song is for me.

you thought it would be a simple hit and run,
but there are some cuts that run deeper than they look,
and organs that bruise in places that no one has seen.

you have changed the way i look at you,
altered my perceptions of your voice,
tinted the light in which i view you,
tainted the cup from which i drink you.

and now my heart is heavy,
and i can no longer fly away into fantasies of being with you,
nor lift myself unto your arms,
for she will always be there in the background - weighing me down.

and now my eyes are dull,
and i can not see you as clearly as i had before;
nor think of you with my mind's eye
without also seeing her shadow over you.

your purity was so precious to me,
your honesty so valuable,
yet you lied
to obtain information
that was there for all and sundry to see
(had you but stopped for a moment to really look)

wasn't our life together
proof enough
of my fidelity?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ponderations on the 7 year Rule

the 7 year thing is not just for couples or marriage but also for friends, close friends... if they last longer than that then they're for keeps.

i guess that means that it takes about 7 years for people's real or core personalities to come through - and for other people to feel them.

i had thought that E and C would be for keeps.

C started leaking power-hunger through the cracks and i still stood up for her. but when she tried to focus her black magic on me, i got away as fast as i could. and she probably still thinks that i don't see the real her. that i am as nice and dumb as she thinks i am. she never wanted me back, for reasons of her own. maybe she fears that i know too much, or that i might surpass whatever value she placed upon her abilities as a teacher, or that having been abroad i might simply overshadow her. and the fact that i am simply not interested in the same goals (money, glamor, fame) as she is does not even matter to her. so she just made sure that coming back to the school would not be easy for me.

E on the other hand, i still cant fully understand what went on with her. i don't believe that i had changed in my attitude towards her when i came back from my first trip to the US. but i was just more involved with my own family after having been away from them for so long. i guess being away from each other made her "see" some things that weren't there or that she would have just overloooked had we been together as often as we were when we were still teaching in the same school. and perhaps, having had her first boyfriend gave her the confidence to give me up.

whatever. E does it to most of her friends. and the girls she used to be contemptuous of, she now hangs out with and calls her friends.

i had not realized how much time and circumstance can change people. or from another point of view, how much it can reveal their true selves.

because i think and i feel and so i believe that all through my life i have not changed much. that i am who i was 10, even 15 years ago. if someone who met me back then says that i have changed a lot, then chances are that person did not know me well.

but those who do, know that i am who i was, and will probably always be the same old same old bird(scatter)brain.

a little older, obviously. a little smarter, hopefully. a little wiser, maybe. and a little tougher, wishfully.